Athena is an online testing and surveying system which allows school and nursery staff to create and send tests or surveys to their pupils and parents in a few simple steps.

These tests and surveys are then accessible by any web enabled computing device where valid users securely gain access using a unique username and password.

The returned results are then available for detailed analysis.

Teachers find this to be an innovative, reliable and effective tool for measuring pupil progress, while the surveys are particularly useful for developing parental engagement which is fundamental to addressing the “attainment gap”.

As Athena is internet based, there are no geographical barriers to its use, and consequently Athena is flexible, inclusive but most importantly secure.


Athena is an innovative, web-based technology used by pupils for all kinds of homework, topic tests and various surveys.

Using any web-enabled computing device, users can securely access tests or surveys which have been sent to them by their teacher.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface allows pupils full engagement very quickly.

The system can be set up to provide instant, constructive feedback after a test submission. The aim of this is to develop self-learning skills.

Numeracy, literacy, health and well-being are just some of the curricular areas being assessed by Athena, while assisting pupils and teachers measure achievement.

The surveying side of Athena is well suited to, and commonly used by pupils to provide feedback on areas such as :

  • Learning environment
  • Bullying
  • Motivation
  • Health & well-being
  • Respect
  • Measure school effectiveness
  • Quality of homework
  • Quality of teaching

Administrators & Teachers

The management side of Athena (known as the Create side) is powerful and intuitive, allowing tests or surveys to be quickly designed and launched with single, multiple or free text answers.

Email notifications can be setup for users to complete a test or survey once it has been made “live”. Users can then answer the test/survey questions at a place and time of their choice using any internet enabled device.

Testing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the curriculum has never been easier, whether at home, on the move or in school.

Teachers describe Athena as an effective and reliable tool for measuring pupil progress within the curriculum. With in-built, real-time auto-marking saving teachers’ time, Athena can support formative, diagnostic and summative testing allowing teachers to track pupil development. Additionally, Athena tests can be setup to provide pupils with instant, constructive feedback on performance.

Surveying opinions and attitudes of pupils can help the day-to-day work of schools and Athena provides a very efficient tool for deployment and return of such surveys.

Test/Survey reports are securely accessed by teachers and can be viewed in various formats. These reports allow analysis by individual, by group, by question and overall test/survey.

Athena has a Catalogue feature which is being used by Local Authorities for resource sharing and collaborative work. The Catalogue’s structure is setup to match the curriculum and any resources developed are then stored in a logical order. These resources can then be quickly accessed and launched by any teacher within that local authority. This is a major feature within Athena with cross authority potential.

Schools regularly use Athena to survey staff on aspects of school life.

Here are just some of the applications of Athena with Staff:

  • Teacher opinions
  • School effectiveness
  • Department effectiveness
  • Achievement
  • Auditing courses/topics – to endorse success or identify deficiencies
  • Curriculum planning
  • Course evaluations
  • Health and safety
  • Working conditions
  • Facilities
  • Discipline
  • Training needs


Research shows that parental engagement in schools improves pupil achievement.

Athena offers teachers an alternative way to engage with pupils to ultimately produce better academic progress and performance.

We should not ignore the importance and benefits of parent surveys. It’s clear that having effective parental communication links is a very positive way to help shape the day-to-day work of schools and nurseries.

Collecting and understanding parents’ opinions regarding a school or nursery is key to improving the learning environment.

Athena provides both a cost and time effective techniques for deployment and return of such parental surveys.

Here are some examples of surveys used to collect parental feedback from these surveys can have many different focuses e.g.

  • Develop better home/school relationships
  • Measure school effectiveness
  • Child’s school experience
  • Quality of teaching